Monday, February 13, 2012

Exploring possibilities

As a new semester began at school just two weeks ago, I found myself full of energy and anticipation, excited to explore the possibilities that a new semester held. One of my major new projects is blogging. Though It has been a few weeks since I have blogged on this site, I have developed and am currently maintaining a new blog for my classes. Each student is thus blogging as part of their coursework... So far the topics have included identity, sexuality in the media and currently we are looking at love, the idea of 'soul mates' and the diverse descriptions of love in music. I love how some of the students get so excited about blogging, and also how this allows the students to regularly read each others' insights and reflections. It is also a way to connect them with some other spiritual and religious resources on the web, that perhaps they might utilize in their future as they continue their faith formation in college and beyond. I was definitely energized coming back to work after a week off that included a trip to Saint John USVI with my family. There is something therapeutic about warm weather, crystal clear water and sunshine. I am so grateful! This year, well the last six weeks, have been a time of loss as I've been exploring the possibility of weight loss! So far I just hit my ten pound goal (the first of many goals). I am using weight watchers online and have found their program to coincide with the original concept behind my blog... To live with intention. Eating with intention means thinking about what I am eating, why I am eating it, and keeping track of what I am consuming... To avoid excess, to find balance between indulgence and healthy maintenance. Common sense really, but in our culture of excess, I have to constantly remind myself to have boundaries (and to stick to them!) so WW provides a user-friendly format to do just that. Here's to continued exploration... The possibilities are endless!