Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How has a month passed??

I was just saying to a friend this morning, I feel like the last few weeks have passed by in a blur... I don't know what exactly made that happen, though I certainly think it is connected with the fact that I haven't blogged nor gathered with my faith sharing group (well, I did go once, but that was the night we were watching the moving Bridesmaids...)  It is essential to slow down every once in awhile, to listen, to contemplate and to just 'be'.  I hope in the coming days of travel to different states and visiting with friends and family that we can all remember that- the importance of pausing, giving thanks, and soaking it all in.  Otherwise, life does really fly by.
I was moved by a beautiful article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by one of my favorite columnists about how her year has been pretty difficult, but being able to meet people and tell their compelling stories gives her much to be thankful for- and also grounds her in the realization that although life is difficult at times, we all have much to be thankful for.  Get inspired here !
Looking ahead, Ryan and I are going to host some friends for Thanksgiving next weekend... but we also volunteered to do a portion of the cooking for my side of the family tomorrow... some tasty recipes are on the way, and here's a look at a couple I am just dying to eat tomorrow!
Cider glazed Turkey
Bourbon gravy
Onion rolls
Balsamic glazed Brussels Sprouts with BACON!
So in addition to the delicious food items listed above I'd like to do a grateful list for the coming month until Christmas.... each day, at least five things I am grateful for.  Here we go:
1) The yoga studio in my neighborhood.  Full of amazing women, challenging practices, and ways to learn about myself without judgement (I try at least) and grow in physical and spiritual ways.
2) My dog Annie who snuggles up in my lap if I am sitting on the floor, along my side if I am in bed and always greets me with the excitement and joy that instantly brightens any day.
3) Ryan, my husband, who appreciates and enjoys the little things in life and keeps my smiling and laughing... and always makes sure I see the moon in all its beauty when we are walking Annie.
4) Seeing a former teacher from work today who is serving in Nicaragua as a missionary- listening to her passionate faith, trust and compassion moves mountains in my heart.
5) Knowing that Christmas break is just 4 weeks away!  Woo hoo!

Happy Thanksgiving all!  Blessings and joy to you and yours :)